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Metallic (ORP) Electrodes
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ORP is a common measurement for water quality
Platinum, silver ORP electrodes - suitable for the most varied applications: strongly oxidizing solutions, argentometry and much more
Oxygen reduction potential (ORP) electrodes are analytical sensors for measuring oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). They are part of an ORP instrument, which also includes a metal half-cell, a reference cell, and a user interface.

Single electrode pairs require a separate reference electrode . This type of device is the best choice for colloidal suspensions, iodide, in sample and high percentage solid’s in fluid.
Combination ORP electrodes are also commonly available. These electrodes have two parts. The measuring electrode and the reference electrode.
The reference solutions for an ORP electrode are either refillable or sealed refillable ORP electrode require more maintenance, last longer and typically have higher accuracy. Sealed ORP electrodes do not require refilling. But have a limited life since the chemicals inside are used up and are not replaceable.
There are two common choices for body material. Glass and Epoxy.
Proper care and maintenance is critical to ensure accurate readings and a long lifetime.
The electrode should be cleaned and rinsed after every use.
ORP electrodes should not be stored in distilled water.

Accuracy- The ORP / redox accuracy of the instrument (±mV). The size of the electrode influences the fluctuations in readings. A larger detection area means a better sensor. If the curves produced by the data collected overlap, it can be assumed that the reaction was carried out while the electrode was in equilibrium.

Response time- Response time for ORP electrodes is usually expressed as a value such as 95% in 10 seconds.