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Industrial (Process) pH Electrodes
Offers a wide variety of process pH and ORP sensors to meet your application needs. The differential sensors use an innovative, unique electrode technology which results in greater accuracy, less drift, and less frequent calibration.

A good feature is the addition of atemperature sensor to the pH electrode. By housing the temperature sensor in the same body as the reference elements of the electrode,temperature compensated readings can easily be made with a single pH probe.

process pH sensor for nearly every process in Dirty Water, Clean Water and Pure Water. To learn more, and find the right pH sensor for your process,

A variety of process pH probes designed specifically for clean water applications. These include the pHD, LCP, and Combination technology probes in convertible, sanitary, and immersion styles. These probes are designed to meet the needs of the brewing, drinking water, bottled water, food, and dairy industries. Hach's process pH probes work with Hach sc Controllers. Learn more about pHD, LCP, Combinationprobes, Hach sc Controllers, or different mounting styles.

Steam Sterilizable sensors provide a stable signal and retain their calibration value for repeated sterilization cycles. They can be used in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing fields.